White Sox Autograph Projects

White Sox autograph wantlists...and not too much else!

Welcome to the site...

Inside you will find wantlists for a few White Sox autograph projects I have going on... I'm always looking for White Sox autographs, but here I have wantlists for specific players and specific Topps cards for my projects. Also, I have some cards for trade if you need something or think you might have something I'd be interested in... Please feel free to get a hold of me if you have something on my wantlist, have any comments about the site or if you think I can help with anything! Thanks!

PHOTOS UPDATE: 11/23/12  
FILE UPDATE: 11/18/13


Signed White Sox Topps Project Cards (1959-2012) - 87
.82% (1464/1667)
White Sox Players Since 1959 (up thru 2012) - 19 MORE!
Signed 2005 Topps World Series Commemorative Set - 46/56 (3 incomplete)
Signed White Sox Topps Pro Debut Project Cards - 96.77% (30/31)
Signed Completed White Sox Topps Debut Sets: 2 (2010, 2012)

Signed Completed White Sox Topps S
            8 - (1965, 1966, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1987 
and 1988